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Creating Knowledge VII



Watch the filmed keynotes.

Graphic recordings:

Navigating digital landscapes

Future learning environments

Innovative didactic

Campus space

Six frames for informed learning

Teachers and librarians in cooperation

Networking at The Museum of Sketches

Conference dinner

Win-win ways:
Educational enhancement through collaborative partnership between students, academics, and librarians

The 7th Creating Knowledge conference will take place at the Centre for languages and literature at Lund University, Sweden, 14-16 August, 2013.

The conference will highlight information literacy and its role in the transformation of the learning process. It will demonstrate how cross-professional collaboration in higher education lead to a win-win situation for all collaborators.

What is Creating Knowledge?

Since 1999 the Creating Knowledge conferences have been held every second or third year. Arranged by NordINFOLIT, a Nordic collaboration forum for information literacy, the conferences are hosted by the Nordic countries in turn. In 2013, the Creating Knowledge VII conference is hosted by Lund University Libraries in Sweden.

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Watch the video on alternative uses for the conference bag here.



Lena Landgren Lena Landgren